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Thought Bubble 2007 guest list. by thoughtbubblefestival
08/07/2007, 1:57 pm
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The following guests will be attending Thought Bubble Saturday 10th November 2007. More guest will be anounced soon.

Peter Doherty Judge Dredd / Batman Superman

Al Ewing 2000 AD / Strontium Dog

Duncan Fegredo Jay & Silent Bob / Hellboy

Mel Gibson / Comics Historian 

Kieron Gillen Phonogram / Suburban Glamour

Adi Granov Iron Man Extremis / Iron Man Movie

Staz Johnson Heroes / Civil War

Antony Johnston Wasteland / Yuggoth Cultures

Barry Kitson Transformers / Legion / The Order

Jamie Mckelvie Phonogram

Leah Moore Albion / Wild Girl

Dean Ormston Lucifer / Sandman

Sean Phillips Criminal / Marve Zombies

Eric Powell Unfortunately Eric has had to cancel.

John Reppion Raise the Dead / Albion

Jordan Smith Alice in Sunderland / Darkview

Bryan Talbot Fables / Alice in Sunderland