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01/05/2008, 11:30 am
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The Ultimate Superhero!
is a new CBBC show looking for children aged 9-13
to create and become their very own unique Superheroes.
They then go head to head with other kids and compete
to become The Ultimate Superhero!
This process of attaining Superhero status involves
a series of mental, physical and emotional tasks and
challenges, testing the kids on their skills as Superheroes.

We’re looking for all kinds of kids, everyone has a quality
that they could bring to the table as a Superhero.
The Ultimate Superhero! also has involvement from
Marvel Comic genius,Stan Lee.
To apply go to


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Have tried to apply to be on Thought Bubble but the link isn’t working.. I would be a good superhero because I am good at Karate, Rugby, Football, love Brownies, good at DS and Wii games plus I am good at school. I care about people/animals and love action. My dog is called Spider-man (my favorite superhero), I am just like Spider-man. Please consider me for the show.

Thank you

Lauren (9)

Comment by Lauren Hunt

Hi Lauren, I’m afraid that the show finished a couple of years ago, so is no longer accepting submissions, thanks for getting in touch though, Spider-Man’s an awesome name for a dog!

Comment by thoughtbubblefestival

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