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The Dark Knight by thoughtbubblefestival
28/07/2008, 2:32 pm
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It’s hard to do a sequel film, so hard that you have a 50/50 shot of it being really good  or complete waste. Add to that a film being a remake and you have no chance that it will survive the summer movie blockbuster battle.


So when Batman Begins came out a lot of people were sceptical, it’s Batman and the last time they ruined the franchise. Word of mouth however spread and Batman Begins was completely worth the price of a ticket.


However Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale made Batman Begins a fabulous film not just a comic book film but a fabulous film. And then they went on to make the Dark Knight, a lot of people weren’t sure and even I didn’t think that Batman Begins could be beaten. But it was, it was beaten and then pummelled into the ground.


The Dark Knight isn’t just an extremely good comic book film, it is the best film of the year. Possibly of the past couple years.


Christian Bale revisits his role and does it complete justice, showing that again he can play the three personas needed Batman, Bruce Wayne and the billionaire playboy. The returning cast continue being great and Maggie Gyllenhaal does a very good job playing Rachel, to the point of almost making her tolerable.


The late Heath Ledger does steal the film, it would be hard not to with a character like the Joker. Ledger went with a maniac version of the Joker and you couldn’t help but laugh even when you felt horrible for it. The Joker isn’t someone you want to meet especially on a street with him behind you, he might push you in front of a bus at very least he’d think about doing it.


If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight, what are you waiting for? Go now as it is worth seeing on a big screen it’s worth your £5.50.


And I want the Jokers socks. Really, those should be for sale.







Antony Johnston Writing Masterclass PODCAST by thoughtbubblefestival
11/07/2008, 3:09 pm
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If you have missed out on this special Masterclass with the fantastic comic talent of Antony Johnston you can now listen to it!


Thought Bubble Festival Podcast


Having attended it was very much a blast (except the horrendous weather we had), the folks at Travelling Man were great hosts and we enjoyed the whole experience.


Keep your eyes peeled for more podcasts from Thought Bubble over the upcoming months leading up to our Festival in November.


– SP