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Friends of Thought Bubble: Requiem by thoughtbubblefestival

Hey there everyone! We here at TB Towers are happy to present the next in the series of posts known pithily as the Small-Press and Independent Friends of Thought Bubble (or Aqua Teen Hunger Friends). This week on the cavalcade of comics we profile sequential-art super-star Marc Ellerby, a name near synonymous with the UK indie comics scene, and for good reason as his work – some of which is viewable in the gallery below – is sheer brilliance. If you don’t believe me check out his diary comic Ellerbisms or his illustrative work both of which showcase his trademark artistic style and infectious sense of humour.

Marc Ellerby is a comics illustrator living in Essex, England. Although he’s dabbled in some illustration work (Mannequin Republic/Atlanta Records, Truck Festival, Drowned In Sound) his main focus over the past few years has been comics.

Marc illustrated the “rock and roll romance” graphic novel series Love The Way You Love (written by Jamie S.Rich and published by Oni Press) which was selected as one of the Young Adult Library Services Association’s top graphic novels for teens in 2009. His work has also been published in the This Is A Souvenir and Put The Book Back On The Shelf anthologies (both Image Comics). He has more anthology work coming-out soon in the shape of Fat Chunk 2 – Zombies (Slave Labour Graphics) and Popgun Vol. 4 (Image Comics).

As well as working for the American comic industry, Marc is still a firm believer of the UK small press scene and reguarly makes mini comics to showcase new ideas and collect work. Previous mini comics have included Venal Muse, Polar Opposites, Sad Girls For Life and Speed Trail.

He is now, however, concentrating on two series, Chloe Noonan and Ellerbisms.
Chloe Noonan (pages of which can be viewed in the gallery above) is a monster hunter – but like most 19 year old girls (whose surname is not Summers), she doesn’t have any powers; she gets a stitch when she runs, is kinda rubbish at fighting and has to take public transport to even hunt the monsters as she can’t drive. Life is tough for ol’ Chloe Noonan, especially when it involves the bus.
Ellerbisms is an autobiographical web comic which takes a small moment from the day and isolates it within a comic. Like life, it can be quite dark at times, though there’s hope and humour throughout – the story now concerning Ellerby’s life with his girlfriend Anna. There are three collections so far, all of which are avaliable from his website.

For more of his work visit his site and for rambles and updates he has both a Twitter, and a blog.

And with that we bring to a close another edition of the Friends of Thought Bubble, swiftly followed by a couple of quick reminders: first, the thought bubble hotmail account has finally been consigned to the great trash compactor in the sky so contacting us can only be done via our googlemail account (; secondly, don’t forget that next weekend sees the first TB Workshop of 2009 (details below) with a free manga masterclass from the thoroughly excellent Yishan Li. See you next week for another post, but until then: Keep watching the skies…

– Clark

Updated Thought Bubble Contact Details by thoughtbubblefestival

Greetings Thought Bubblers!

We hope you are all well and counting the days until our next festival in November (in case you haven’t been it is 155 days until this years Thought Bubble).

We have recently been experiencing problems with our account with the end result that that address has now been closed.  Because of this we can’t access the account any more and have lost all contacts and information that was on there.

If you have been contacting us or are in the middle of discussions/preparations via this email please could you send an email to so we have your new address and can thereby continue any ongoing correspondance.

We apologize for the hassle and thank you all for helping us with this matter.

Cheers everyone!

– Clark

Friends of Thought Bubble: A New Hope by thoughtbubblefestival

Welcome to the fourth in our weekly (for the time being) series of posts detailing some of the Small Press and Independent Friends of Thought Bubble (or Uncanny X-Friends), bringing to you the best in sequential art on a regular basis. This week we usher into the spotlight Mr Steve Tillotson, producer of brilliant art, both sequential and portraiture, whose site is a treasure trove of wondrous delights – some of which can be viewed in the gallery below.

Steve Tillotson trained as an artist at Batley School of Art and Design, and went on to do a masters degree at the Royal College of Art, London. He started making comics as an outlet for his frustrations (artistic and otherwise) which include the titular Banal Pig Comics (with contributions from Gareth Brookes), Ethel Sparrowhawk (with Jemima von Schindelberg), Jolly Bear and Fun Coconut, The Manly Boys Annual (again with Gareth Brookes), and an anthology of landscapes to mention but a few.

All of Steve’s art is available for purchase through his store, and, for the more thrifty amongst you, he is even giving away some pieces for free! Further information on Steve’s projects can be found on his blog which contains regular updates on his myriad works, and which is where you can also find his self-penned funnies webcomic.

That dose of delectation wraps up yet another edition of the Friends of Thought Bubble, I’ve got another one in the works so make sure y’all tune in again next week same bat-time, same bat-place, to see some more top-flight sequential art. It’ll make the wait until this year’s Thought Bubble just fly by! (Not a legally binding guarantee.)

– Clark

Free 2-Day Manga Event 28-29th June 2009 by thoughtbubblefestival

Calling all manga (and sequential art of all denominations) fans! The first Thought Bubble workshop for 2009 has just been announced and it looks like a doozie, info below…

Breeze International Youth Festival, Thought Bubble and Leeds Young Peoples Film Festival presents a special



How to Draw Manga Creatures Workshop with the amazing YISHAN LI + Anime Screenings.
New to manga art and want to learn the basics? Come along and Yishan Li will show you how!
Are you a more experienced manga artist? Bring your portfolio and get some advice!
Creature art from this workshop will be exhibited at the Hyde Park Picture House on Monday 29th June and a winner will be picked to receive a special prize!

12.10pm Anime Screening FLCL
1.00pm How to Draw Manga Workshop
3.00pm Anime Screenings Samurai 7/Slayers

**Please note that the Yishan Li workshop has limited places available, so contact to avoid disappointment**


5.00pm Cosplay Competition/artwork display
6.00pm Surprise Anime Screening
8.00pm Winners announced and prize ceremony
(Hyde Park Picture House event FREE to Breeze card holders, £1 for adults)

Manga Workshop 2009

This promises to be a great couple of days and an excellent opportunity to either hone any manga-creating skills you already have or to learn some completely new ones!
Hopefully see lots of you there!

– Clark

Friends of Thought Bubble: The Return by thoughtbubblefestival

Apologies for a dearth of posts in the Small Press and Independent Friends of Thought Bubble (or Agents of F.R.I.E.N.D.) canon recently, but hark, for all that is about to change: We’re back and we have plans afoot, so tell your friends, heck, go ahead and tell your enemies, the more the merrier.

This week we welcome into the fold the fantastically multi-talented Mr Jack Fallows, purveyor of fine artistic wares, both illustrative and musical, uniformly excellent examples of which can be seen at his site, his blog, his store and also (as if those weren’t enough) the gallery below – including a custom image made just for us (ain’t we lucky?).

Jack Fallows is a self-taught illustrator and comic book creator from Newcastle, UK. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember, and hopes to continue drawing for longer than he could forget.

His first small press comic was a photocopied mini-comic put out by There Goes Tokyo entitled Coffee Break Comics, which he created when he was 14. Since then he has produced a number of self-published titles, which he would like to believe got better as they went. These include Blackout 1-3 (with Phil Marsden and Phil Buchan), Rusty Nail (with Phil Buchan), The Gentleman Ghost (with Mike Thompson) and Costume Party. Outside of comics, Jack has done illustration work for local publications, promotional work for local radio, events and bands and personal commissions. He is currently working on a series of postcards and artist’s prints, the first installment of which, entitled Quattrobots, is available now (an example of which is viewable in the gallery above).

As well as this, Jack founded the Paper Jam Comics Collective some two plus years ago (although can’t take credit for the name), and runs a bi-weekly Comics Evening at the Travelling Man comic shop in Newcastle where he works, which is their meeting place. The collective have released a series of quarterly anthologies to which Jack has contributed, and held launch parties in their honour, which he has performed at and helped to organise and promote.

Well, that’s all for this time folks, and I can happily confirm that there will be another brand new, shiny, mylar bagged edition of The Friends of Thought Bubble waiting here for you in just seven days. So until next time borag thung, earthlets!

– Clark