Thought Bubble 2018 runs 17th – 23rd September!

The Times, They Are A’Changing by thoughtbubblefestival

Who’s ready for a paradigm shift?! Well you’d better be, because boy howdy do we have one for you here at Thought Bubble towers.

First up you’ll probably notice that the blog (this thing you’re looking at), the website, the facebook, and the twitter have all had a stylistic overhaul courtesy of the amazing Eleanor Davis who has designed this year’s logo. The website also contains updated information about Thought Bubble 2010 and our expanded contact options.

Next, we have some up-coming events to announce to y’all…

First up is Emma Vieceli’s workshop which takes place as part of the Leeds Young People’s Film Festival on Tuesday 6th April at Travelling Man Leeds (details here). This year’s LYPFF looks set to be their best yet and has loads of amazing events throughout for youngsters of all ages. Well worth checking out!

Next is the Doctor Who roleplaying game day, also taking place as part of the LYPFF at Travelling Man Leeds on Wednesday April 7th (details here). Hosted by Steve Lyons and with all the information you need to create a suitably heroic chrononaut it’ll be heaps of fun. Allons y!

Following closely on the heels of those superb events is Travelling Man Leeds’ Walking Dead Zombie Day on Saturday April 17th, featuring a signing by illustrator extraordinaire Charlie Adlard! Not to be missed, more info on the poster below…

Finally, for the time being, we’ve started making the videos of Thought Bubble ’09’s workshops available via our YouTube channel, so far we have Andy Diggle and Jock’s talk on comic creation, as well as the brilliant Frank Quitely masterclass wherein he converses with fellow illustrator – the similarly amazingly talented – Peter Doherty about his art! Just part of the service we provide to you, the fans, ’cause we loves ya.

That’s it for the time being, enjoy those sequential art based wonders and friends of Thought Bubble will be back sooner than you can say “series profiling various UK-based small press creators”. Try it, I dare you.

By the power of Greyskull!

– Clark