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Friends of Thought Bubble: BloGalactus (it’s a big post, and it eats planets) by thoughtbubblefestival

Howdy Thought Bubblers! We’re back in business with a bumper edition of the blog bringing you a small press profile (below), info on some up ‘n’ coming events (below), more YouTube frolics (below) and a lengthy opening sentence (here). There’s only 222 days remaining until this year’s festival, and according to numerology that particular set o’ digits signifies we’re on the right path. Reassuring to say the least.

First up is the latest in our series introducing you to some of the crème de la crème of the UK’s comix community, members of this exclusive club are inducted into the Small Press and Independent Friends of Thought Bubble (or Defrienders of the Earth) for all of time. This week we’re welcoming into the ranks the awesomely talented Joe List, hijacker of the Guardian’s Saturday output with consistently hilarious results, and producer of fine comic wares, as can be seen in the handily placed gallery (below).

Joe List is designer and illustrator from Cheshire.

He is better known for his work on The Annotated Weekender, a blog where, each week, he doodles onto the Guardians Weekend Supplement. His first comic book, Freak Leap, was released last year and features a series of abrupt adventures in glorious black and white vectors. He has recently put together a mini comic, GUTS, which is a collection of sketch book comics

Joe enjoys running away from fights, stamping on things, and letting people know how they have nice shoes.

If you’d like Joe to compliment your footwear then he’s on twitter, and also has a handy site from which you can see his work.

I thoroughly endorse Joe’s comics, The Annotated Weekender is a regular source of mirth and is single-handedly helping to save the newspaper medium (I assume).

Next up, some info on forthcoming attractions which UK comics fans should be excited about…

April 22nd-25th sees the inaugural UniComics Festival – a celebration of all kinds of comics for everyone. The four day festival features sequential art superstars Pat Mills, Dave Gibbons and Kevin O’Neil, and a broad spectrum of work drawing upon and inspired by comics – from film and story-boarding to illustration and theatre performance, encompassing opportunities for learning, networking and idea sharing. UniComics is presented by the University of Hertfordshire and you can find out more at their site, following them on twitter, or their Facebook.


The MCM Expo have just released their guest list for this May’s comic village (which includes us!), and it looks set to be a good one. From the 29th – 30th May at Excel London we’ll be in attendance with a table, new flyers for this year’s Thought Bubble, free stuff/prizes, and smiles. Lots of smiles. Like the UniComics festival (above), the Expo’s comic village also has an aim  in common with Thought Bubble, one which should be encouraged: to allow creators of all styles, mediums and levels to join together in one equal space and promote the good word of sequential art. The Expo and its visitors provide a unique fusion event for comic creators and fans to gather and share in sequential art goodness with those new to the medium! Come say hi, howdy, or hello! (Other greetings may be acceptable, depending on context).

Finally, we’ve put up some more videos from 2009’s Thought Bubble on our YouTube channel, including Bryan Talbot’s excellent talk on the history of anthropomorphism in British comics, and the “Do Zombies Read Comics?” panel from last year’s convention (featuring Ben Templesmith, Charlie Adlard, Sean Phillips, and Antony Johnston). Both well worth your time and the effort of a few clicks of your mouse.

… And that’s it for now, next week we’ll be back with another Small Press profile, I vow to you that they’ll be weekly for the foreseeable future, and my word is my bond people, so you know I mean business.


– Clark


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