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Three blog posts in three weeks! It’s almost like we know what we’re doing here. Almost. If not for the fact that I’m writing this sat outside on the steps of Thought Bubble towers (having lost my keys in a Pokemon-based wager) there’d even be a vague air of professionalism to the proceedings. C’est la vie.

Here for your approval is the latest in our Small Press and Independent Friends of Thought Bubble (or Harry and the Friendersons) series! This week we have the privilege of welcoming Tom ‘Vented Spleen’ Humberstone into the ranks! Comic maker extraordinaire, and an amazing anthological architect to boot, Tom’s work is superb – some telling examples lie in the gallery a few degrees south…

Tom Humberstone is the creator of Art School Scum and Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Crohns Disease. His latest comic, How To Date a Girl In 10 Days, won an Eagle Award in 2008 for “Favourite black and white British comic”. He is also the co-author of My Fellow Americans, a book written and drawn during an eight week roadtrip across America following the 2008 Presidential elections.

In 2009 Tom created and edited the biannual anthology of UK comic artists – Solipsistic Pop – which was described by The Independent as “the British equivalent of Dave Egger’s McSweeneys“. Solipsistic Pop 2 is due for release on April 28th 2010 (this Wednesday!). He is currently working on a collection of short stories for his next book – Ellipsis. His illustrations have appeared in several publications including The Independent, Electric Sheep Magazine, Dazed&Confused, The Guardian and Word Magazine. His work can be viewed at his site or blog, and details of updates can be found on his twitter.

Tom’s 100 Days comic project was shaping up to be one of my favourite sequential art series of the year, and once it’s finished – sadly having been delayed due to illness – the results will be available to download for free as a special booklet that readers can create at home. I for one cannot wait to see the complete set!

Even more exciting is the news that Solipsistic Pop 3 will be released in November in time for Thought Bubble! Solipsistic Pop 2 isn’t even out yet and I’m already excited for volume 3! Whoo!

Tom’s comics are some of my favourite from the small press scene – they’re consistently moving and funny, (not to mention looking freaking gorgeous!) – and Solipsistic Pop looks set to be the indie anthology for the UK. You heard it here first! Well, not really, it’s a common sentiment, but true nonetheless.


In related news, this Saturday (May 1st) sees the phenomenon that is Free Comic Book Day arrive yet again (but, you already knew that, right?), and We Are Words & Pictures have a fresh free edition of Paper Science to delight you with. I don’t know, you wait ages for great anthologies to come along, and then two arrive at once. Note to self: don’t complain about things that are awesome. Details below on the spiffy flyer!


That’s your lot for now, and to be honest there’s so much hot small press goodness here that I’m going to have to let my Amstrad E-Mailer(tm) cool down before I can type anything else anyway.


– Clark


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