Thought Bubble 2018 runs 17th – 23rd September!

Thought Bubble 2010 Hyper-efficient mega-news post by thoughtbubblefestival

Alright guys, this is a big one, we’ve got a lot to get through and we’re losing daylight here people. Read like you’ve got a purpose! WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR MAL- sorry, sorry, started channeling R Lee Ermey. Again. Seriously though, we’ve got a whole bunch of news for you in this here post, and it’s all pretty dang BIG.

Ok, We’re now able to officially reveal the two TOP SECRET newly announced side-projects that Thought Bubble has had up its sleeves for this year.

The first is the Northern Sequential Art Competitiona contest we’re running in association with Travelling Man comic shops, Imagine FX, and 2000AD – open to all artists/writers (12 years old +) in the United Kingdom. There are some great prizes on offer, and we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. ALL entries will also be displayed as part of a digital exhibition in venues across Leeds and the surrounding areas in the two weeks prior to this year’s Festival. To the drawing boards!

The second is related to the first (and is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while now), namely compiling a Free Comic Book Day Anthology. This will feature big name contributors from across the sequential art spectrum, as well as our competition winners, and will be launched on May 2011’s FCBD! Thought Bubble will bring the comics to YOU. (Yes, you)


Next up is the heartening news that Thought Bubble 2010 is well on the way to full lock down – we finalised the programme for this year’s festival at the weekend (and it’s looking pretty spiffy if we do say so ourselves), and there should be some shiny new flyers and brochures winging their way across the country soon.

A few things to be said on this note – first is that pre-order tickets are selling fast. If you want guaranteed entry to the Saturday evening’s after-party (as conferred by the first 500 pre-booked tickets) – with music provided by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Team Phonogram and the Thought Bubble Soundsystem – then don’t delay. We’ll put out an announcement once they’re gone.

The second is that we’re now running very low on exhibitor tables for the Saturday convention. If you’re still planning on attending with your wares then get in touch quick to bagsie one of the remaining few. Again, an announcement will be made when they’re all gone.


In related event news, our friends at the Anime League are running their Alcon again next month and it should be a blast!

Alcon will run from the 9th-12th September at De Montfort University in Leicester!

Alcon has everything from an anime night-club, companies to buy anime goodies from, screenings of the latest anime, a bar, artists alley, cosplay cafe, DDRing, a J-Culture room, Cosplay Hangout, roleplaying, Card Gaming and much much more. It’s a four day event and all for just £29.
Finally, we’re super excited about the Leeds Alternative Comics Fair which will be taking place in our fair city next month. Organised by friends of Thought Bubble Hugh ‘Shug’ Raine and Steve Tillotson,  full details can be found on their site – or on their rather delightful posters (below) –  and real-time updates are coming thick and fast on their twitter! It’s awesome to see another great event taking place in Leeds, and it looks like the next year or so is going to see a whole host of new comic shindigs popping up all over the country. Excelsior!
And that is literally all the news. Check back soon as we’ll be posting the programme for this year’s festival in the near future, and it looks set to be our best yet! We can’t wait, and it’s just over 3 months to go! Cushty.
– Clark

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