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Kristyna Baczynski Minterview by thoughtbubblefestival

Howdy Hey! A fresh minterview for you all to devour with your eyes. This week we’re talking to the super-cool Kristyna Baczynski, a previous Thought Bubble competition winner, whose entry into the Friends of Thought Bubble canon can be found here. I’d highly recommend checking out her website for further ocular delights! Spect-ocular!

To start off, do you think you could give us an idea of how you first got into sequential art?

Sure, I reckon the seed was planted right back in my formative years – as I’m sure it is for most folks. Reading picture books: illustrations telling a story.

My mum would take us to the library once a week to check out some new pulp; a most treasured activity. It was here that I became enchanted with seeing an image illuminate a story – words transform into being; communicating with pens, paint and paper.

Do you think the general association with children’s stories is perhaps why comics are viewed with a certain amount of derision in some circles?

I think the idea that comics are any less valid as a communicative device than text-only books is ridiculous. Also, the thought that children’s books have nothing to offer if you aren’t a child is pretty demoralising.

Whether it’s a newspaper, hardback novel or broadsheet newspaper there’s still the same amount of shit you have to wade through to reach something you can connect with and find meaningful. Children’s book, comic or otherwise – there’s always a gem to be found – it just takes some looking.

If someone can dismiss a tome simply because it has an air of juvenility, then they are going to miss out on a heap of beautiful things. And by this breath cinema should then be equally scorned. It too combines language and image – but we don’t see cinema as being wholly tainted as juvenile and frivolous. It, too, has the potential to be profound, absorbing and immersive.

Comics are as versatile, descriptive and limitless as any other communicative tool – simultaneously linguistic, visual and most importantly valid.

…Nerve touched.

I do hate it when comics are dismissed as ‘kiddie’ stuff. Do you still read comics to this day? Do they continue to be a source of inspiration to you?

Absolutely – I read comics almost every day. And am continually inspired by their writing and ingenuity.

Your work tends to be infused with a sense of whimsy and a slightly idiosyncratic sense of humour, does this reflect you as a person?

An obscured and refracted reflection, yes… I am hopelessly enamored with language and wordplay, it is true.

You’re appearing at this year’s Thought Bubble, what will you be bringing to the convention?

An amalgamation of avidity and unerring anxiety. But also a spread of new zines, prints, comics, apparel, oddities and assorted occular goodies.

The production HQ (dining table) will be thriving come November.

A fine selection! Have you always worked in multiple media?

Why, thank you.

Not always multiple media. It always starts with mechanical pencils, micron pens and paper – but the more I work the more I tend to turn my hand to. Staving off boredom and stagnancy with adventure and exploration.

Do you enjoy attending events like Thought Bubble?

Absolutely. Thought Bubble 2009 was my first step into the world of conventions and fairs – a day which was so unutterably wonderful, I am forever convinced of my enjoyment for such events.

They manage to summon a treasury of interested, enthused and engaging people, which is rare and heartening… especially to studio-bound recluses.

We do attract an awesome bunch of attendees it has to be said. Any important lessons learned from your first outing?

That a fearful attitude is nothing but a hindrance. Staying indoors drawing is a solitary occupation that can make you a hermit. Going out and meeting a bunch of like-minded and talented denizens is the perfect antidote.

Do you think the UK small press community is welcoming to débutantes? How easy did you find it to establish yourself on the scene?

If there is a ‘scene’ I’m unaware of it, or already a happy member. It’s something quite abstract really, and I don’t know who, what or where it is… I’m just here drawing, printing, blogging and emailing. And I’m very lucky that some people have noticed my work and said some very lovely things. I am indebted to them all.

By making your own comics, you are already a member.

Finally – Thought bubbles or caption boxes?

There is a necessity for both, and a certain loveliness to be achieved with none. Honestly, though, I think I’m a caption box kid.

…I’m going to be shunned as a defector now, aren’t I?



While we’re never ones to call for ostracism following the denouncement of the humble thought bubble, we do find that those who partake in the act tend to meet their comeuppance. Mark my words. My ominous, ominous words…

In other news, our friends over at Comika are having an exhibition! If you’re in our nation’s fair capital you should go check it out. You know you want to. Details on the flyer (below)

That’s all for now! Check back soon for another minterview. See ya!

– Clark


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