Thought Bubble 2018 runs 17th – 23rd September!

Thought Bubble 2011, the saga continues… by thoughtbubblefestival

Hello Thought Bubblers!

Apologies for the unintentional blog hiatus, we’ve been working away at prepping for this year’s festival and have a whole heap of exciting things to reveal to you, just not today. But soon. Prooooomise.

There are things that we can reveal now, however, so let’s start the ball rolling with the facelift that the blog’s had.

We were super psyched when the amazing Becky Cloonan agreed to produce this year’s official festival image, and when we received the finished piece it literally blew our minds. Took us hours to get the walls of Thought Bubble towers cleared of all the grey matter, that’s how awesome it is. Becky’s great take on Snow White, we’re sure you’ll agree, is a perfect fit for the festival, and just goes to show that comics can even bring together homicidal step-mothers and their intended victims. There is literally nothing they cannot do. There’s a great step-by-step process of how the image was created up on Becky’s website, and if you glance down you can see the individual elements presented here for your viewing pleasure!

(click to embiggen)

Next bit of housekeeping – Tables are available to book for this year’s expanded, two-day, two-hall convention! Early bird prices are in effect until August 1st, so take advantage and get in on the action. Full details on how to register are up on the website, if you have any queries please drop us a line via exhibitbubble[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll get back to you sharpish!

Speaking of the website, we’re currently in the process of giving the old girl a complete overhaul, as a result of which there may be some slight downtime later in the week. This shouldn’t last for too long, and once the website’s back up it’ll be all new and shiny and ready to accommodate all your myriad browsing needs! While the website is down you will still be able to  contact us via e-mail, twitter, and Facebook, and we’ll still be able to process table bookings, rest assured.

In other, non-Thought Bubble news, this week sees the start of the 12th annual Leeds Young Peoples Film Festival, and this year’s programme looks like their best yet!

Tickets are now on sale for Film Festival, an event organised by Leeds City Council and MediaFish, a group of award-winning young film enthusiasts. The annual event taking place from Monday 28th March to Friday 8th April boasts a special preview 3D screening of Rio, from the makers of ‘Ice Age’.

The We Love Anime roadshow takes place on Saturday 2nd April and comes to Leeds’ Hyde Park Picture House with a fantastic showcase of Anime films, old and new including Summer Wars, and fan-favourite Redline. The rest of the day is made up of the 1986 Miyazaki classic Laputa Castle in the Sky and the new Trigun Badlands Rumble based on the cult 90’s series. Tickets for the films start at £2.50 and passes for the whole day start at just £8.00, the first 60 people who buy full day passes will also receive a free goody bag worth over £30 that includes DVD’s, shirt’s, book’s and more.

As well as the films there will also be a manga wall where budding young artists can show off their talents, the best drawings will be awarded prizes throughout the day. There will also be a Cosplay competition for the best costume judged by Travelling Man and Thought Bubble.

It’ll be a great day, so come along and join in the fun!


And that’s it for now, next month we’ll have the new website up and running, fresh festival guests to announce, the convention programme to reveal, and some new Small Press and Independent Friends of Thought Bubble to welcome into the fold! Almost too much to handle. Almost.

– Clark