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Day three: TEA! by Matt Sheret
17/11/2011, 12:42 pm
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Last night Kristyna and I had the pleasure of Dr Geof Banyard’s company. To readers Geof’s best known for his comic Fetishman, but to any UK convention attendee Geof will be ‘the unbelievably friendly guy with the awesome display cases and vintage trunks on his table’.

As a trader, I find a lot to love in Geof’s approach to shows. I’m very used to seeing people sat somewhat vacantly behind tables – often the same people who will complain loudly about not selling very much stuff. There are also a healthy number of people who really engage with passers by, even those who won’t buy things from the stall. Timothy Winchester is a force of nature at these things, and Kieron Gillen‘s patter during his Phonogram days was a sight to see.

But Geof brings something different. He really dresses his table and his stock up, and turns the stall into a little spectacle. People are intrigued by the set up, and very quickly get sucked into the beautiful collection of work he brings to events up and down the country.

He’s also an avid drinker of tea. Geof will be bringing a museum of artefacts from his fictional organisation The First Tea Company to the Royal Armories Hall for this weekend’s show, which will be a treat for all.

All this has inadvertently persuaded me to go looking for a few things to make the Paper Science table look a bit more dynamic at Thought Bubble. As Kristyna finishes up her thumbnails and starts drafting our comic I’ll be perusing the scrap shops of Leeds to find just the right thing for my newspapers.

Because being engaging at shows like Thought Bubble is incredibly important. Whether that’s through displays or conversation, doing anything to make people a little bit warmer about comics and their creators is entirely worthwhile.


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