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I’m all thumbs and nails by thoughtbubblefestival
17/11/2011, 3:04 pm
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I’ve expended many inches of 0.5mm pencil lead in the past 2 days. Between collecting, snapping, writing and scribbling we have somehow jettisoned a thumbnailed rough of our comic.

Still without title, our story now structurally exists over 6 pages…

I feel quite self-conscious publicly sharing this part of my process. It’s rough, ugly and completely indecipherable to anyone but me. I hope these scrawls read as artistic shorthand and not mind-melting mayhem.



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I don’t think it is ‘ugly’ at all. i love thumbnails almost as much as finished comics – the finished thing is for reading but thumbs show where the thinking came from and that is often more important to the finished article than the rendering.

Comment by Kenny Penman

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