Thought Bubble 2018 runs 17th – 23rd September!

Matt Dyson – Thought Bubble Director of Silly Fun by thoughtbubblefestival

Hey there everyone!

Matt Dyson here, I hope you’re all enjoying the festivities of the week so far and are looking forward to the convention at the weekend.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been getting so very excited about Thought Bubble. I got so excited in fact that tonight I managed to sneak my way into Thought Bubble Towers! I was walking the dusty halls when I noticed a beam of light coming down from the ceiling at the end of a long hall. I went to investigate and there, bathed in light on a risen platform, was the most beautiful of all hats! Written on it’s brim were the words “Director of Silly Fun”.

Naturally I put the hat on straight away.

My first act in my new role will to be to spread a little of that “Silly fun” around using the magic of AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION! Tomorrow morning we will be starting a series of three comics workshops at Bradford Central Library as part of the festival.

Children from local schools will get a chance to try their hand at making comics based on a short fairy tale where they are the hero! As part of my official hat based duties I shall come back and report on their progress later in the week with photos and some of their wonderful drawings of monsters!

So, if you’re one of the lucky locals who is coming along with your school then I’ll see you soon!

Director of Silly Fun (at least until they steal my hat back)


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