Thought Bubble 2018 runs 17th – 23rd September!

TBF13 Table Registration Update by thoughtbubblefestival


As some of you may have heard, tables for our convention went on sale yesterday, and had completely sold out within 2 hours, which is pretty spectacular really.

We really are amazed at how quickly the available spaces were booked up. This is unprecedented, even given the demand that we normally experience – last year took around 6 weeks to sell out – and we had assumed that, while it would be quicker this year, they wouldn’t be gone in less than a day. We’d estimated that at the very least it would take about 3 weeks, which would still have been a record time!

The fact that the tables sold out in such a short time just shows how quickly (and extensively) the comics community is growing in the UK, and we think that’s something to be celebrated. Since Thought Bubble started back in 2007 we’ve seen new faces every year, both in terms of creators and readers of comics, and that’s great – it’s an exciting time to be involved with such a vibrant medium, especially one with such passionate people involved in its ongoing evolution and expansion.

We’re aware that some exhibitors who wished to attend have missed out, and if you’re among them then we’d ask that you sign up to our reserves/cancellation list, so that we know who you are, and to let us judge the numbers more accurately. We’d also like to offer our apologies to those who are disappointed about not being able to secure a space – we hate turning anyone away, and, given the massive demand for tables this year, we are actively pursuing further convention space.

Though we are not in a position to promise anything definite at the moment, things are looking positive and we are hopeful that we will be able to provide more tables to exhibitors at this year’s Thought Bubble, if it’s at all feasible. We will do our very best, and will keep everyone posted with regular updates. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to find a solution that lets us open up the convention even more, allows more exhibitors and more attendees to pass through our doors, and helps us to introduce hundreds of new readers to the medium that we love.

We really can’t begin to express how important all our exhibitors and guests are to us, and we are eternally grateful for you all supporting Thought Bubble, and we hope you’ll continue to do so in the future. We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s booked a table, or signed up to the reserves list so far, and to those who have attended previous year’s Thought Bubbles.

We couldn’t do it without you.


TBF13 – Exhibitor Table Registration Details by thoughtbubblefestival

Hey gang!

Following on from our previous update regarding festival dates (short version: TBF13 runs 17th – 24th November, with our convention taking place 23rd & 24th), we’re pleased to bring you preliminary information about registering for tables at this year’s convention, so if you’re hoping to exhibit with us this year, then please read on!

As with the last two years, we will be utilising the New Dock and Royal Armouries hall venues on Clarence dock, which will give us space for approximately 300 tables. In order to secure this area, and due to our ongoing contract reviews with the venues’ management, we’ve had to slightly increase table prices for both halls and the costs. We’re trying to keep the rise in overheads as low as possible, and our not-for-profit status helps with this, but we’re always reluctant to have to increase any pricing, in order to ensure that Thought Bubble remains as accessible to attendees from all backgrounds as we can possibly make it. We hope to make this year’s show bigger and better than those that have come before it in order to offset the changes, and, as always, we welcome all feedback as part of our ongoing commitment to keep Thought Bubble moving in the right direction!

Table prices for 2013’s convention are:

New Dock Hall creator table: £85

New Dock Hall creator table (half):  £42.50 (while stocks last, extremely limited numbers)

New Dock Hall retailer/publisher table: £120

Royal Armouries Hall creator table: £70

Royal Armouries Hall retailer/publisher table: £100


As well as the updates to pricing structures, there are also a couple of practical alterations that we’ve implemented in order to streamline the exhibiting process:

As always, if you book an exhibitor table (of any type) this includes two complimentary passes to the show (and each table booked in addition to this confers one extra pass per table), but this year we will not be offering additional exhibitor passes for sale. In recent years, as the number of exhibitors attending Thought Bubble has increased exponentially (which we love, by the way, new faces are awesome!), it has become extremely difficult to process requests for additional passes and keep track. Because of this, we’re asking that exhibitor groups that require any additional passes (exceeding the amounts detailed above) purchase these through our online ticket sales system (which will go live later in the year), as it makes the process of tracking sales a lot easier for us, and helps minimise the confusion for people arriving to the convention on the weekend. Wristbands booked in this manner will be available for collection at the convention hall/s when you arrive on the Saturday morning, and, for more information on this, you can take a look at our booking terms and conditions.

We’re hoping to have the online table sales going live around midday on Monday 25th February (barring any pesky internet gremlins), which this year will utilise an online booking form which combines the information processing and payment stages, and means that everyone should appear on our maps and other promotional materials as they desire. We think this will make things a lot easier for everyone involved, and it brings us racing into the electronic age for all aspects of the exhibiting process!

Speaking of which – please don’t forget to send along your exhibitor icons after you’ve completed your booking, so we can advertise your attendance to everyone who’ll be at the show, and if you happen to be launching a book at Thought Bubble (or have something that’s making its Thought Bubble debut) send us the information and we’ll put it on the website. Full details of the exhibitor icon dimensions can be found in the terms and conditions, and what information to send for us for debuting books (and other items) can be found at this page on our website.

We’ll be sending out an email to all previous years’ exhibitors with all this information on too, and we’ll be promoting the table registration commencement on Twitter and Facebook as well, so if you know someone who’s interested, please point them in the right direction, so they can get all the information they need!

Hopefully, all the above makes sense, but if you have any queries whatsoever, then please, get in touch. We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supports Thought Bubble each year, and we look forward to welcoming everyone to Leeds in November, for what promises to be our biggest (and hopefully best) festival ever!

Thought Bubble 2013 – Official Festival Announcement by thoughtbubblefestival

Greetings, true bubblievers!

Spring is approaching, and the sun is valiantly fighting its way back into the sky, so, by my ancient Babylonian crop tracking device, I make it just about time to make some big ol’ TBF13 announcements! HUZZAH!

We are delighted to reveal that this year’s festival will run from 17th – 24th November, in conjunction with the 27th Leeds International Film Festival, and our humongous convention will take place on the 23rd & 24th November! We’ll have announcements coming soon regarding table registration and ticket sales for the convention, but in the meantime we have our first wave of guests confirmed, including…

Rafael Alburquerque (American Vampire);
Gabriel Bá (Daytripper, Casanova);
Andy Belanger (Swamp Thing, Black Church);
Becky Cloonan (Batman, Wolves, The Mire);
Ming Doyle (Mara, Jennifer’s Body)
Fábio Moon (Casanova, Daytripper);
Sean Gordon Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus);
Ramón Pérez (Wolverine & The X-Men);
Emma Rios (Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly);
Annie Wu (Hawkeye, The Venture Bros)

You can see more details on the website, and we’ll have many, many more guests to announce as the festival draws closer, so keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook to find out as soon as we add new names to the list!

In further TBF13 news, and as you’ve probably spotted from the top of the blog – we’ve got an awesome new festival image! This year’s festival icon has been provided by the wonderful Alice Duke, and we should hopefully have a blog post soon about her process for creating it. We love it, and the sci-fi vibe that it’s giving to this year’s proceedings is out of this world. Literally! Hahaha– sorry. You can see the full version of her ace art below (click to embiggen).



That’s all for the time being, but there’s plenty more to see up at so be sure to have a nose around, and we’ll be back soon with more updates for our biggest festival ever!

Oh, and Minterviews will be back next week! So look out for that! YAY!

Better Things: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones by thoughtbubblefestival

Hey gang!

Plans are continuing apace for this year’s Thought Bubble, and we’ll have a full update coming soon with regards to all manner of shenanigans we’ve got in the pipeline. For now, we’ve got a quick little post about a fundraising appeal (with some excellent rewards up for grabs) for a lovely documentary that we had the immense pleasure of screening during last year’s Thought Bubble festival.

Better Things

Here’s what our fearless leader, Thought Bubble festival director, Lisa Wood had to say about the film:

Better Things is an extremely insightful look into both the life and work of Jeffrey Catherine Jones – one of the foremost fantasy artists of her generation, and sure to be a source of immense inspiration for generations to come.

The film is beautifully put together with love and affection by Cabardo, who worked in the comic industry for a decade, and does great justice to both the artist and her body of work, as well as those of her contemporaries.

Jones was one of the few artists to pave the way for a more painted abstract feel to comic books in the 70’s and 80’s, and as such her work deserves much wider recognition, and this film serves as a testament to that need. Her artwork would have been just at home in a classical art gallery as a comic book, with Frazetta describing her as “the world’s greatest living painter”, and seeing the pieces, and their sometimes turbulent inception, brought to life on screen is a delight. 

The film’s parallel exploration of Jones’ life choices is handled with sensitivity and compassion, charting the development and evolution of her artistic style, as she was similarly changing as a person and exploring the possibilities that life had to offer.

The documentary also offers an invaluable look in to the lives and working environment of other similar artists and contemporaries of Jones who were working around that time such as Vaughn Bode, and the group known as ‘The Studio’, which included greats such as Michael Kaluta, Bernie Wrigtson, and Barry Winsor-Smith, all of whom would in some way drive and inspire the advances in comic art for years to come.

One of the best documentaries I have seen, on a much loved artist who will be sorely missed.

The Indiegogo fundraising campaign for the film’s wider release is currently running, and full details can be found here. There’s some amazingly candid interviews with creators that were working in comics at the time, and have been influenced by her work since, and some great rewards (including an excellent art book with an amazing line-up of contributors), so well worth checking out.

We’d like to be able to show more films like this at Thought Bubble, and part of that is making sure the ones that do get made find their audience.

We’ll be back soon with the first round of updates for this year’s festival. EXCITE!