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Better Things: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones by thoughtbubblefestival

Hey gang!

Plans are continuing apace for this year’s Thought Bubble, and we’ll have a full update coming soon with regards to all manner of shenanigans we’ve got in the pipeline. For now, we’ve got a quick little post about a fundraising appeal (with some excellent rewards up for grabs) for a lovely documentary that we had the immense pleasure of screening during last year’s Thought Bubble festival.

Better Things

Here’s what our fearless leader, Thought Bubble festival director, Lisa Wood had to say about the film:

Better Things is an extremely insightful look into both the life and work of Jeffrey Catherine Jones – one of the foremost fantasy artists of her generation, and sure to be a source of immense inspiration for generations to come.

The film is beautifully put together with love and affection by Cabardo, who worked in the comic industry for a decade, and does great justice to both the artist and her body of work, as well as those of her contemporaries.

Jones was one of the few artists to pave the way for a more painted abstract feel to comic books in the 70’s and 80’s, and as such her work deserves much wider recognition, and this film serves as a testament to that need. Her artwork would have been just at home in a classical art gallery as a comic book, with Frazetta describing her as “the world’s greatest living painter”, and seeing the pieces, and their sometimes turbulent inception, brought to life on screen is a delight. 

The film’s parallel exploration of Jones’ life choices is handled with sensitivity and compassion, charting the development and evolution of her artistic style, as she was similarly changing as a person and exploring the possibilities that life had to offer.

The documentary also offers an invaluable look in to the lives and working environment of other similar artists and contemporaries of Jones who were working around that time such as Vaughn Bode, and the group known as ‘The Studio’, which included greats such as Michael Kaluta, Bernie Wrigtson, and Barry Winsor-Smith, all of whom would in some way drive and inspire the advances in comic art for years to come.

One of the best documentaries I have seen, on a much loved artist who will be sorely missed.

The Indiegogo fundraising campaign for the film’s wider release is currently running, and full details can be found here. There’s some amazingly candid interviews with creators that were working in comics at the time, and have been influenced by her work since, and some great rewards (including an excellent art book with an amazing line-up of contributors), so well worth checking out.

We’d like to be able to show more films like this at Thought Bubble, and part of that is making sure the ones that do get made find their audience.

We’ll be back soon with the first round of updates for this year’s festival. EXCITE!


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