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Bub’s Lounge and Bub’s Social Art Workshops by thoughtbubblefestival

Hi everyone!

We’ve just had the second in our series of four Bub’s Social art workshops at the Travelling Man Lounge, Leeds. They’re going really well, so I thought I’d tell you a little more about them.

The workshops are a continuation of the work that we started in the new Bub’s Lounge space at Thought Bubble Festival last year. Bub’s Lounge came about following a series of meetings with David Newell from Specialist Autism Services. We discussed how to make the festival a more welcoming place for people on the Autism Spectrum who may find the bustling convention halls a little overwhelming, and the idea for Bub’s Lounge was formed.

With the help of Arts Council funding, we created a small, quiet and calm space down at New Dock. We had some fantastic artwork in there – incredible paper cut-out lamps by artist Tom Eglington and an exhibition of comic art by Portland artists. We also had projections and art therapy sessions, led by Art Therapist Alison Herbert. Due to the temporary nature of the space kindly given to us by Allied London, we were able to invite people to draw on the walls.

Wall art in Bub’s Lounge – Thought Bubble 2013

Lamps by Tom Eglington

Bub’s Lounge was used by many people throughout the convention weekend. A big group of people from Specialist Autism Services came over on the Saturday afternoon, when the convention is at its absolute busiest. A couple of members did have difficulty dealing with the crowded halls, and found Bub’s Lounge to be a useful respite.

Our Arts Council funding meant that the Art Therapy sessions can continue this year. Art Therapist Alison Herbert was really excited about working with us some more, as she found the Bub’s Lounge sessions to be extremely fun and rewarding. The new Bub’s Social workshops are running on the last Thursday of each month at the Travelling Man Lounge in Leeds.

We didn’t know what to expect from the first workshop but we were delighted when lots of eager faces arrived. Everyone introduced themselves and drew a portrait/avatar to start things off. Some of the attendees were burgeoning artists who wanted to gain more confidence in their work and bounce ideas off other people, while others had very little experience but just wanted to have a chat and a draw. We’ve created an email group where everyone can talk to each other between sessions too.


The second workshop was last week. Many of the attendees from the first session came back, and there were some new faces too. This workshop focussed more on creating art collaboratively; drawings were passed round, added to and modified by different people. The group discussed what they’d like to do with the next two sessions, and it was decided that they would work together on a large-scale sequential art piece; a creative group effort on writing a story with each person drawing a frame.

We would love it if you want to come and join in the next session. It will be held on Thursday 27th March in the Travelling Man Lounge (107 Kirkgate, Leeds, LS1 6DP) from 5pm til 7pm. Here’s is the Facebook event If you want any more details, or if you’d like to discuss the workshops or Bub’s Lounge, please email me at or call me on 07585 504 763.



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