Thought Bubble 2018 runs 17th – 23rd September!

Thought Bubble Hotel Announcement by thoughtbubblefestival

Quick bit of Thought Bubble news hot off the presses…


City Inn, Leeds, is this year’s official Thought Bubble hotel. Situated in Granary Wharf next to Leeds Train Station – mere minutes walk from Saviles hall, home of the TB Convention – City Inn is a stylish welcoming, custom-made alternative to traditional hotels. You get what you should always expect: iMac computers, free WiFi and Sky in every bedroom!

This hotel will be available to book from Wednesday 16th September with our special discounted rate. To book online go to their site or quote directly via telephone (0113 241 1000) with the code PROLFF.

Imagine something along the lines of the hotel bits from Almost Famous crossed with Home Alone 2 and the Shining. Actually don’t, that would be hideously disturbing – the official TB Hotel is super-cool and a bargain to boot. Even more reason for everyone and their friends to come to Leeds this November and experience the magic and wonderment.

See you there!

– Clark