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1000 Words 2012 – Round-up by thoughtbubblefestival

Over the last couple of weeks, the extremely lovely Matt Sheret has been popping up videos from the ‘1000 Words’ strand of talks that he curated (along with web-presence-phobic Thought Bubbler Mikey B) at this year’s Thought Bubble convention. After the jump there’s a summary of the event, and links to all the talks collected in one handy block, but first – a few thank you’s…

If any of you went to last year’s We Are Words + Pictures strand of talks on independent comic creation at Thought Bubble’s convention, then that was organised by Matt too, and ¬†this was coming off the back of his working as Thought Bubble 2011’s Writer in Residence, so to say that we owe Matt a debt of gratitude is a bit of an understatement. We’d highly recommend checking out his Paper Science anthology, and, if we can convince him and Mikey to put on 2000 Words: A Space¬†Odyssey next year, then we’re sure we’ll be thanking him again in December 2013. Cheers Matt, you’re a Good Egg.

Another big thank you has to go to Anne Hollowday, whose films on Thought Bubble and the British Comic Awards had already put us eternally into the red on the karmic balance sheet, but her filming of the 1000 Words talks has cemented the Wookiee life-debt we now owe. Thanks Anne, may your lenses ever be clear.

Massive thank you’s as well to all the speakers, including Kate Brown, Andy Belanger, Kristyna Baczynski and Laura Snapes¬†for delivering some excellent talks on the day, all those whose presentations are presented below, and our lovely technical crew. And a big final thank you to all those who came along and made up the audience, we hope you’ll be back for more next year!

That’s enough preamble, on with the shows!


1000 Words was a series of short talks about comics & culture by those who make them curated by Matt Sheret and Mike Bennet, full information on the talks can be found by clicking here.

1000 Words 2012 video presentations:

Emma Vieceli¬†–¬†50 Shades of Niche
a talk about the distinction between mainstream and niche, and about one very popular novel…

Anne Hollowday¬†– Don’t Over Manage the Scene
a few lessons from the world of documentary filmmaking and tells us how it links to comics writing with the Marvel Method…

Si Spurrier РDay of the Dingle
some delicious brainfarts on the topic of Collaborating With Creative Humans, as filtered through a true story from Spurrier’s brief and traumatic career in TV.

Antony Johnston РAnd His Massive Ego
setting us straight about the terrific and powerful ego of artists and writers everywhere… or does he?

Hannah Donovan РDigital Craft
a talk about music, personal expression, and the pixels we pin to our bedroom walls.

Kieron Gillen¬†– Decimation¬†[2012’s Keynote Talk]
As a writer, Kieron’s been dancing with comics for a decade now. He’s trying to decide if he’s learned anything. If he has, he’ll tell you about it. If not, this video will be extremely quiet…


1000 Words: Hannah Donovan by Matt Sheret
05/12/2012, 2:57 pm
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Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been posting footage from many of the speakers at 1000 Words, the day of talks that ran at this year’s festival.

Hannah Donovan is up next, talking about music, personal expression, and the pixels we pin to our bedroom walls.

Digital Craft by Hannah Donovan from Matthew Sheret on Vimeo.