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Friends of Thought Bubble: All Your Blogs Are Belong To Us by thoughtbubblefestival

Hiya Bubblers! It’s now just a scant 67 days until the start of this year’s festival – the orbital period for planet Gliese 581 D, a seven-Earth mass spacial body discovered in April of this year – a short enough period that you should all be well and truly psyched, I know we all are. To continue raising the anticipation to near insurmountable levels I have here, potentially, the final Small-Press and Independent Friend of Thought Bubble (or Challengers of the Unfriendly) for this year. For this week’s friend we continue our voyage across the Irish sea to be greeted on our arrival by none other than Patrick Lynch, an up-and-coming talent on the webcomics scene, whose work – examples of which can be viewed in the handily placed gallery below, or at his site – has shot from strength-to-strength over the past year.

Patrick hails from Dublin, Ireland and is a graphic designer, illustrator and independent comic artist who has been active in the Irish and UK Small Press scene for about a year and a half now. Since June of 2008, he’s published three comics – namely Last BusIn the Aquarium, and Stop Gap, as well as contributing shorter pieces to a couple of anthologies. Patrick is also one half of Cardboard Press, a small press publishing outfit which he runs alongside his partner Katie Blackwood, under which they issue comics and artists’ books.

Patrick’s personal work tends to be subtle, meditative, and slice-of-life based, although he’s not ruling out the long-form science fiction epic just yet. At the moment Patrick makes a living mainly through commercial graphic design, but is beginning to balance this with more illustration and comic work. Alongside this he is also one third of the Edition Book Arts collective, which formed in 2009 with fellow artists Katie Blackwood and Philip Barret. The collective exists to promote and organise events, showcase illustrative work, and foster interaction in and around the book arts, comic and fanzine communities in Ireland. Edition Book Arts organised the highly successful Summer Edition event in July 2009 – a  fair/convention held in the centre of Dublin – which brought over 30 exhibitors from throughout Ireland and the UK together for a day long celebration of self-expression through the medium of DIY publishing. They hope to continue to organise events throughout the coming year and have plans for a similar Summer Edition convention for 2010. They’d love to have more people come over from the UK, so if you’re interested (and you should be), get in touch!

As if this staggering workload wasn’t enough, Patrick also helps run the monthly Dublin Comic Jam event, which has been going for the last 12 months and serves as a great regular meet up for comic artists/illustrators.

That, I’m sure you’ll agree, is pretty damn fine comicking for someone relatively new to the scene – a great way to cap off this year’s series of profiles on some of the Small Pressers you can meet at Thought Bubble in November – if you don’t mind my saying. You don’t? Good. There may be one more special entry into this canon, but for the remaining run-up to the festival we’ll be having something a little different to tickle your fancy. Starting soon, maybe even sooner, the Thought Bubble Blog will be hosting a series of mini-interviews, or minterviews, with the various creators who’ve been featured over the past year. A, sort of, Inside the Artist’s Studio if you will. Look out for them, they will be epic.

In other small-pressy news, the super-cool Hugh Raine has created a poster (below) for this year’s convention, detailing some of the various Indie guests who’ll be appearing, I think you’ll agree it shows those high falootin’ superhero types a thing or two. We love it, and for this the blog is bestowing its highest honour on the man of the hour – an imaginary high-five. Use it wisely, Hugh.

Small Press @ Thought Bubble

And that’s your lot. We hope you’ve enjoyed the Small Press and Independent Friends of Thought Bubble for this year, commemorative programmes are available in the foyer, please keep your parking tickets handy for validation by an usher.

– Clar