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Friends of Thought Bubble: Rebirth by thoughtbubblefestival

‘Sup, guess what? After another, increasingly familiar, hiatus (my bad), the Small-Press and Independent Friends of Thought Bubble (or Blog-Force) is back – just when you thought it was safe to go back in the internet. This edition focuses on one of the big guns in British webcomics: JohnScary Go RoundAllison. Operating, in a small-press context, since almost the inception of the internet*, and thus producing quality sequential output on a regular basis for longer than is generally thought healthy (but is hugely appreciated by his multitude of fans), John is one of the institutions (meant in the nicest way possible) of internet comics. If you don’t believe me – and I repsect the need for proof in the face of such high praise – then check out the gallery below, or his site.

*Ok, maybe not since the inception of the internet, but since 1998, which, in internet terms, is a long time.

John is one of the UK’s premier makers of comics on the internet. He grew up in Addingham, in West Yorkshire, and is old enough to remember when Thought Bubble was all fields. He now lives near Manchester and has been, variously, a music writer, a magazine designer, and a web designer, as well as having earned a degree from Sheffield University in “the journalism”.

John previously drew Bobbins, one of the first webcomics, from 1998-2002, which came runner-up in the category of ‘best online comic strip’ at the 2002 UK National Comic Awards. He subsequently followed this with Scary Go Round which began in 2002 and will conclude (after a staggeringly succesful run) next month, followed by his new project, Bad Machinery, in late September. Comics have been John’s full-time job since 2003, and examples of his fine wares can be found in his shop. For more information, and to keep up with John’s new project, you can check out his website or his blog. Both are AMAZING.

Well, sadly, that brings us to the end of yet another ‘Friends of Thought Bubble’, big thanks to John Allison who will also be appearing at this year’s festival. If all goes to plan there should be a couple more posts in this series on the horizon, followed by a super-secret plan the like of which would stun even Lex Luthor into humbled silence. If you think the Manhattan Project, meets Dream Patrol, meets Voltron, well, to be honest, you’d be miles off, but it’s a sweet idea in itself so who am I to judge? If you build it, they will come…

– Clark