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TBF13 Exhibitor Update – Third Hall Announcement by thoughtbubblefestival

Hey gang!

As we mentioned earlier in the year,¬†exhibitor tables¬†for this year’s¬†Thought Bubble Comic Con sold out in a couple of hours, which was rather unexpected.

As you may be aware, in previous years, tables have been available for a couple of months before selling out completely ‚Äď and¬†we’ve¬†had a reserves list in place for those¬†who’ve¬†missed out. Obviously we were delighted that the tables were all snapped up so quickly, it just goes to show how quickly the community of comic creators here in the UK has grown over the last few years, and how interest in the medium continues to grow every year both here and abroad. However, we were also acutely aware of the frustration this caused to those exhibitors who missed out on booking a table, and we really appreciate the passion that people have developed for our festival, which is one of the many reasons we love putting it on so much.

Exhibitors, whether they are self-publishers or retailers make Thought Bubble what it is, and your contribution to the festival each year helps it to grow and expand in ways we never thought possible when we first started.

As stated¬†in previous updates, we’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to create space to accommodate more exhibitors at this year‚Äôs convention – ¬†over the last few months we’ve looked at erecting a marquee, and also the possibility of finding an extra hall in the area.

In the end we found exactly what we were looking for with support from the wonderful people at Allied London, the new owners of the New Dock site where the majority of convention events take place. Since the beginning of the year Allied London have been carrying out some major redevelopment work on New Dock, and many of the empty retail units have been opened up into large open-plan spaces. As a result of which we have been offered the use of an extra 1400 sqm space, which is comparable in size to New Dock Hall, and means we can now accommodate more exhibitors than ever before.

The new unit is just a few yards away from both New Dock Hall and Royal Armouries Hall, so audiences will only have to take a few steps before they’re in the new additional venue. This means we‚Äôll be taking over the whole of the New Dock area for this year‚Äôs convention, and turning Yorkshire into the hub for comics for one very special week as the wider festival takes place!

What we have to do now is make this space fully accessible, which means fitting a temporary floor in one half of the hall, overseeing the installation of a new lighting and heating system, and initiating a big clean-up operation to¬†spruce the place up to our standards. There’s a lot to do, and that’s why it’s taken us longer than expected to finalise plans, so we‚Äôd like to thank everyone for their patience while we’ve worked out all the necessary action we‚Äôll need to take to expand things at our end.

While the¬†unit isn’t a purpose built exhibition¬†hall, we hope that by the time Thought Bubble arrives¬†we’ll have a high quality, temporary hall space that can accommodate many of the exhibitors on our waiting list, enabling even more people to attend Thought Bubble in 2013.

Table space will be available soon and we’ll be contacting exhibitors on our reserves list for first refusal in chronological order ‚Äď each entry on the system creates a unique time-stamp so we know who filled it out and when they did so. We‚Äôll let everyone know of the table prices once we begin contacting exhibitors regarding the new space, and once all the available slots are filled people can still sign up to the reserves list to be notified should any cancellations occur in the run-up to the event and more spaces become available that way.

While we can’t promise we’ll be able to fit everyone in who‚Äôs applied for space via the reserves list, we’ll do our best to try and accommodate as many people as we possibly can, with a view to making this year‚Äôs event even bigger and better than the last.

We’re really excited to have this new additional space at our disposal, which will help us to accommodate more exhibitors and bigger audiences, and provide an even more diverse experience for everyone attending the show. We’ve popped some photos under this post of the space, taken at the start of spring this year.

We’d like to thank Allied London for their invaluable help, but most of all we want to show our gratitude to all those exhibitors who have patiently waited for us to deliver on our promise of a new space – thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing even more of you in a few months time!




Thought Bubble 2013 Summer Update! by thoughtbubblefestival

Hey gang, we hope you’re enjoying/enduring this blast of summer from the giant nuclear furnace in the sky, hopefully the heatwave will last until November and we can all wear shorts to the festival.

Shorts are fun, they’re like knee/ankle clothing windows. Yay!

We’re currently busy working to pull together all the many ingredients that are baked into a Thought Bubble cake each year, and we’ll be revealing the full (looking to be pretty darn huge) programme in the autumn, but in the meantime here’s an update on some of the things we’ve got cooking. Let’s go in alphabetical order this time, eh chums? ALPHABET… INITIATE!

Anthology: this year’s anthology will be in the same tabloid format as 2012’s issue¬†and will feature all-new material from a number of wonderful creators both from within the UK and beyond!

You’ll be able to see the winning entries to last year’s Thought Bubble Comic Competition, and all profits from the sale of the anthology will again be going to The Barnardos Charity – a great cause that does some amazing work that’s very close to our hearts here at the festival.

More information can be found in the October solicits which are now up at Comic Book Resources.

British Comic Awards:¬†Thought Bubble 2013 sees the sophomore British Comic Awards ceremony, and we’re delighted that such a prestigious judging panel has been assembled to pick the best of this year’s British comics. You can see the full judging line-up, as well as find out how to nominate your favourite comics of the last year, at the website.

Competitions:¬†if you’d like to see your comic strip featured in 2014’s Thought Bubble Anthology, then you should look at entering our comic competition! We’re looking for single-page scripts from UK creators aged from 12 – 112 (or older, no ageist discrimination here), and there’s some great prizes up for grabs as well as getting your work featured in our next Anthology! Full details can be found at our website, and the deadline for entries is 07/10/13.

We’re also very pleased to be running another 2000 AD Portfolio Competition¬†as part of this year’s festival, and you could win a paid gig with the galaxy’s greatest comic! Last year’s competition saw Will Morris emerge victorious, and his comic appeared in¬†Prog 1836, with The Mighty Tharg’s steely approval. If you think you’re up to the challenge then check out the details on our website and get to drawing!

Hotel: this year¬†Thought Bubble is a proud partner of the Leeds Marriott Hotel – conveniently located in the heart of the city centre! The Leeds Marriott hotel is the official and exclusive hotel partner of the Thought Bubble Festival, and is within walking distance of most event venues.¬†We’ve secured a special festival rate for executive rooms over the convention weekend, and these are filling up fast, so head to the website for full details.

Tickets:¬†passes for this year’s Thought Bubble convention (taking place on the 23rd and 24th November at Armouries Square) have been selling like warmed up baked goods! If you’d like to bag one of the first 500 weekend passes, and get guaranteed entry into our mid-convention party on the Saturday night, then head over to the website and get one quick-like!

Volunteers:¬†if you’d like to help out with this year’s festival, then we’re always on the look-out for new Thought Bubblers, Bubblenauts, and Bubblifiers! We’re extremely lucky to bring together an incredibly friendly group each year, and we’d love to see some new faces in the mix, so if you think that sounds like your cup of bubble tea, then you can find more information at the website.

Website:¬†we update the site throughout the year, including putting up guest profiles¬†and exhibitor icons¬†as we receive them! We’re really happy that we get such a diverse selection of creators and exhibitors each year, and we’d really recommend checking them out if you’re looking to find a new favourite, or simply see some artwork from some of the best!


That’s all the updates we have for now, we’ll be back very soon with an exhibitor update, and then later this year we’ll be unleashing the full Thought Bubble programme into the wild, along with all the amazing screenings you can expect to see in partnership with our friends at Leeds International Film Festival.

We hope you all have a lovely time until next we meet, oh, and go see Pacific Rim, because it’s Robots hitting Aliens, and those are both Good Things.