Thought Bubble 2018 runs 17th – 23rd September!

Friends of Thought Bubble: Reborn by thoughtbubblefestival

Hola! It’s now only 285 days until this year’s Thought Bubble Festival (18th-21st November), and not only is this the degree of solar celestial longitude which marks the end of the 22nd annual East Asian solar term, but it also signifies the start of this year’s Small Press and Independent Friends of Thought Bubble (or 2010: The Year We Make Friends)!

For those of you who missed out on last year’s installments we basically use the blog (between festivals) to showcase some of the amazingly talented indie sequential art creators who we’re priveleged to meet at our convention each year. We love ’em and we think you will too – or else

Kicking off the futuristic sounding 2010 series with great style and panache is the super-talented (and crazy prolific) Julia Scheele – an illustrator extraordinaire, examples of whose work can be seen in the nifty gallery below. Peep it, yo.

Julia Scheele is one of “those” 20-something illustrators living in London. Before returning to her undying love for comics, she had taken part in various film festivals and exhibitions, and used to co-organise an art/film/music event which mainly involved getting people to dress up as cardboard robots and dance. She has produced work in and around the UK small press scene under her own name as well as with her collective We Are Words + Pictures who are currently organising workshops and events in London and beyond. Julia also runs the 69 Love Songs, Illustrated project on the internet and can often be found at ‘zine fests and conventions throughout the UK. Her comics and illustration work can be seen at her site and her blog.

I think you’ll all agree that we’d have been hard pressed (unintentional pun +5pts) to find a better example of the UK’s awesome illustrative community to kick off this year’s series, and I think it serves as an excellent taste of the awesomeness to come (spoiler alert: awesome). I’m hoping to update the blog on a fortnightly basis hereafter with more entries into this canon, but there’ll be many surprise, ninja updates (more frequent the closer we get to the festival) with bonus Thought Bubble information as we officially announce the various sweet things we’ve got planned for y’all. Seriously check out 69 Love Songs, Illustrated though – it’s proper ‘mazing.

Ok, that’s it for now, if you want to keep up-to-date on our to-ing and fro-ing in Jack Bauer-esque real-time-o-vision then come hang with us on twitter or facebook. Social networking’s so hot right now (so my sister tells me).

Catch you later Bill & Ted!

– Clark